Lesson 15 The High Priest, Priests and The Levites




Today’s Key Words is Priest

A Priest was someone who represented Man to God


The High Priest



The High Priest, Priests and The Levites



Today’ Reading:    Exodus 20


Questions? and Answers!

Sword Drill Exodus 28:1-5

(Please fill in the blanks


Question 1: What was the Name of The first High Priest?

Question 2: What were the names of the Priests?

1:__________________              2:_________________
3:_________________               4:__________________


Question 3: How were they all related?


Question 4: What are the Items of clothing found in Verses 4 - 5














Question 5: What did they make the clothing out of, and what colours did they use?


Question 6: Where did we see these colours before in the Tabernacle? And Who appointed the priests to their Positions?


____________________________            _____________________


The High Priest, Priests and The Levites


Questions? and Answers!

(Please fill in the blanks

Sword Drill Exodus 28:6 - 14


Question 7: What kind of stone was used for the engraving of the names of twelve tribes of Israel on?



Question 8: What metal was used for their mountings?




Question 9: Where were the stones placed on the Ephod?




Sword Drill Exodus 28: 15 - 21

Question 10: What stones were mounted in the Breastplate?









Sword Drill Exodus 28: 30

Question 11: What other Items were in the Breast Plate




Question 12: Who wore the Breast Plate?




Questions 13:  Over which body organ was the breastplate Worn, and why was it worn here?




Question 14: Which Room were the Priests allowed to enter and how often?




Question 15: Which Room was the High Priests allowed to enter and how often was he allowed entry?




Question 16: What was one of the responsibilities of the High Priest in the “Holy Place




The High Priest,  Priests and The Levites





The Levites

Sword Drill Exodus32: 25 - 35


While Moses was up on top of Mount Sinai with the Lord, the people became impatient for Him to return, as He was gone for forty days. The people used this excuse to rebel against The Lord, and they had Aaron make out of their gold jewellery a “Golden Calf”, and they began to bow down to it and worshiped it. They committed adultery with each other around the golden calf too and were going wild.

God sent Moses back down the mountain to take control. (Joshua was with him)

When Moses saw what they were doing Moses threw down the “stone Tables of the law” and they broke.

He had them grind the calf into dust, poured it into their drinking water and made them drink it.

The Lord was angry with the “Children of Israel” Moses shouted throughout the camp that,

“Whoever was for the Lord was to come to him”


Only the Tribe of the Levites came. Moses told them to strap on their swords, and to go throughout the camp killing their brother Israelites. They obeyed and slaughtered 3000 people that day.


Because they performed this service to The Lord, they would enter His special service as Levites, in administration of Israel.

Sword Drill Numbers 1:48 – 53


Israel could have been a “Kingdom of Priests to God”, if they had all been obedient to The Lord.

Sword Drill Exodus 19:6

The High Priest, Priests and The Levites

The Levites (continued)


The Levites had very special responsibilities .The tribe of Levites were separated into families

The “Kohathites” carried the Tabernacle furniture.

The “Gershonites” looked after the Coverings.
The “Meranites” carried and erected the Tabernacle Structure


The Levites had no particular land assigned to them, as did the other tribes, but were given 48 cities as “Cities of Refuge”, scattered through out “The Promised Land”

The Israelites fled to these cities for refuge, justice and fairness, if they accidentally killed a person, until the case came to court. The Avenger of the one killed, came after them to kill them!

Sword Drill Joshua 13:14


The peoples Tithes (taxes) supported the Levites.

Sword Drill Numbers 18:24

The camp order with the positions of the “Levites”



The High Priest, Priests and The Levites


Command from God - To You!


“Since the promise of entering His rest still, let us be careful (let us be afraid) that none of you be found to have fallen short of it. (Fallen short of believing His promises)

Sword Drill Hebrews 4:1


A Promise from God - for You!


“You have made them (The Church) to be a Kingdom of Priests to serve our God”

Sword Drill Revelation 5:10


A Promise from God - for You!


“You are a chosen people, a Royal Priesthood, a holy nation, a people belonging to God, that you mat declare the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His wonderful light”

Sword Drill 1 Peter 2:9


Prayer: Dear Heavenly Father:


“Thank you that we are now Your priests and can come to You privately, and acknowledge our own faults, and represent our selves before you. Thankyou for this great privilege you have given to us. Thank You that we are now your ambassadors to this lost, and dying world. Help us to learn to obey Your Word, and learn Your promises, so we can be prepared to be Your witnesses to our friends. I ask this in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ”


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