Lesson 14 - Furniture of The Tabernacle – The Golden Ark of The Covenant



Today’s Key Words is Atonement:

God Covers our Sins With the Sacrifice of His only Son


The Ark of the Covenant


Sword Drill Exodus 25: 10-22


God Is The Problem Solver

The Ark of The Covenant was a picture of God’s relationship with His People Israel, which in turn showed the same deadness in the relationship between God and the rest of the world. Israel were Gods chosen people in Old Testament times to represent Him before all people’s and nations.

(See the lesson on the Person of God and Jesus Christ in this series)


The Ark of The Covenant was a picture in which God showed how He would solve His problem with a broken relationship with mankind, and how mankind could respond to God’s solution. The broken relationship was caused by Adam’s original sin, which resulted in the total sinfulness of all mankind. (See the lesson on the Person of Man in this series)

Sword Drill Romans 5:12


The Ark of the Covenant showed the sin problem between God and man and demonstrated God’s only merciful and gracious solution. His solution was pictured as a contract with Israel called the Mosaic Covenant. Hence it was called The Ark of The Covenant of The Lord.

Sword Drill Joshua 3:3 & 1 Samuel 4:3

Or The Ark of the Testimony from the Ten Commandments

Sword Drill Exodus 25:22

Just as Noah’s family accepted and rested in Gods provision in the Ark that kept them safe from the flood and disaster, which swept over the people of Noah’s day. We too can take refuge from the disaster of the final judgement by accepting God’s only solution for the disastrous consequences of our sin and wickedness before God.


Furniture of The Tabernacle–The Golden Ark of The Covenant

The Ark of The Covenant was the only piece of Furniture in The Holy of Holies and was made of Acacia Wood overlaid with Pure Gold. It was the first piece of furniture commanded to be made for the Tabernacle, but was made after the construction of The Tabernacle

Sword Drill Exodus 25:22 & Exodus 36:8 –37


The Ark was 2.5 Cubits Long  X 1.5 Cubits Wide  X 1 Cubit  High

The Top of the Ark had a Gold Rim or Gold Crown, which was the same size as the box underneath and prevented the lid from sliding.


The lid sometimes called the Mercy Seat had two Cherubim attached. The Cherubim were made of beaten Gold and were said to be standing. They were facing each other looking down. Their Wings were facing forward and lifted up.

The Ark formed a Throne for The Invisible God. God Promised to meet with Moses, Aaron and the people of Israel between The Cherubim

Sword Drill 2Chronicles 3:13 & Exodus 25:22

Sword Drill Psalm 80:1 & 99:1


The Ark is Described as God’s Foot Stool and was carried on two poles of Acacia Wood overlaid with Pure Gold.

Sword Drill Psalm 132:7


One Cherub represents The “Righteousness of God”. The other Cherub represents “The Justice of God” The “Love and Mercy” of God meet in The Centre. All form “The Holiness of God”

Sword Drill Psalm 89:14


The Cherubim were protectors and observers

Sword Drill Genesis 3:24 & 1 Peter 1:12


Blood from an animal sacrifice was sprinkled on the Mercy Seat twice on The Day of Atonement and then only once a year. The High Priest came behind the inner Veil and sprinkled blood for his own sins and then went back out to the Brazen Alter and came in again to sprinkle blood on the Mercy Seat for the sins of the people.


The Contents of The Ark of The Covenant

Sword Drill Hebrews 9:4

The Golden Pot of Manna

The pot of Manna pictures the rejection of The Lords Perfect Provision
Sword Drill Exodus 16

The Tablets of The Law (The 10 Commands for Israel)


Pictures the rejection of The Lords Law for national freedom and individual life

Sword Drill Exodus 32 & Exodus 34 (New Tablets)


Aarons Rod that budded

Pictures the rejection of The Lords appointed position & authority

Sword Drill Numbers 17


Today’s Reading     1 Samuel 6


The Ten Commandments for Israel Summarised

Sword Drill Exodus 20

The Ten Golden Rules for Israel – These are part of The Mosaic Law which were written by The Lord God and given to Moses for Israel




The first stone tablets were made and written on by The Lord. The second stone tablets were chiselled out by Moses and written on by The Lord. The tablets had to be made and written twice because Moses broke them, he threw them on the ground. He did this because Israel were already breaking God’s laws in being very sinful and wicked.

Sword Drill Exodus 32:4

The stone tables were full and written on both sides showing that God’s Word is total and complete


(Please fill in the blanks

I Am The Lord Your ________, who brought you out of Egypt

Out of The Land of slavery


1:          You shall have _____ other god’s before Me   


2:         You shall Not make for yourself an ________ in the form of anything in _______ above or on the ________ beneath or  in the ________ below.

You shall Not ________down to them.



3:         You shall Not _________ (take in vain)

 (Oh my) the Name of The Lord Your God


Furniture of The Tabernacle–The Golden Ark of The Covenant


The Ten Commandments for Israel Summarised (continued)

4:         Remember the __________Day to keep it Holy


5:         Honour you _______and _________.” Yes & Do!


6:         You shall Not ___________



7: You shall Not commit ____________Married to someone else.



8:         You shall Not ____________


9: You shall Not give false testimony against your _________


10:        You shall ________ Covet!



In the times of Israel they lived by the Mosaic Law, but now in the Church times we live by the Power of the Holy Spirit, Forgiveness, Love in the Holy Spirit, Grace and Mercy is the Christian way to live now that Christ suffered for all of our sins on the cross. We Do Not Sin on Purpose now we live under grace.

See other lessons about the Christian life and how to please God


Law and Grace Points

(Please fill in the blanks


“The Law was Given through _________, Grace and Truth came through  ____________”

Sword Drill John 1: 17


The Law was given as a Rule of life for Israel and not The Church!

Sword Drill Romans 10:4 & Romans 6:14


The Law cannot justify (Declare us righteous before God)

Sword Drill Galatians 3:24-25 & Philippians 3:9


The Law is Perfect and Will Not pass Away

Sword Drill Luke 16:17


The Law cannot give life

Sword Drill 2 Corinthians 3:6


Christ is the end of the Law, so we can be righteous in Christ we who believe in Jesus Christ.

Sword Drill Romans 10:4


Furniture of The Tabernacle–The Golden Ark of The Covenant


The Law is not the standard for Holiness, before God.

Sword Drill John 1:17


The Law leads us to Christ. In Christ we’re under Law of The Spirit

Sword Drill Galatians 3:24


The Gift of Salvation is through believing in Jesus Christ and Not keeping the Law

Sword Drill Galatians 3:1 - 14


The Law Curses us

Sword Drill Galatians 3:10


Christ Fulfilled The Law on our Behalf

Sword Drill Matthew 5:17


Love Fulfills the Law and is The work of The Holy Spirit

Sword Drill Romans 13:8


Command from God - To You!


“Live a life worthy of the calling you have received”

Sword Drill: Ephesians 4:1


Promise from God - for You!

“God works all things together for good, to those


Sword Drill: Romans 8:28


Promise from God - for You!


“ I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, neither anything else in all of creation, will be able to separate us from the Love of God, that is in Christ Jesus our Lord”

Sword Drill: Romans 8:38 - 39


Prayer:             Dear Heavenly Father:


“Thank you for the gift of salvation, which is free wholly because of your Love and kind heartedness of yourself to us, from You, the giver of all things. Thank You that you have given us a life to live, which is through grace, and not the Law. Help me to understand your grace so my soul can live in peace before You. For your Name and Glory, I ask this and in my Saviours most precious

and worthy Name”




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