Lesson 16- The Sacrifices, Holy Days and Festivals



Today’s Key Words is Propitiation

The act of being well disposed, from being satisfied with someone’s else’s, act on someone else’s behalf.


The Sacrifices


Today’ Reading : Hebrews 10: 1 - 12


There were many different kinds of sacrifices, some were bloody others were bloodless.
Lets take a look at some of them.


Sacrifice 1:

The Burnt Offering (Bloody)

Sword Drill Leviticus 1 & 6: 8-13 (Regulations)


The offerer brought a male without defect, as what theyCould afford!



The priest kept the skin of the animal.
None of the offering was eaten it was all burnt.
The offering was brought to the door of the Tabernacle.

The offerer placed his hand on the animal’s head and the animal was accepted for atonement for the offerer. The animal was killed and the blood was sprinkled against al the sides of the Altar.


The animal was quartered. The head and fat were offered on the altar, The priest washed the legs and entrails and offered them also. Any animal remains were thrown into the ashes. The Burnt offering was twice, daily.

Sword Drill Numbers 28:3


Two animals were sacrifices daily, one in the morning and the other in the evening, to atone for sins of the people.    

Sword Drill Exodus 29:38-42

The Sacrifices, Holy Days and Festivals


The Cereal Offering (bloodless)

Sword Drill Leviticus 2 & 6: 14 - 23 (Regulations)

The Israelis offered grains and vegetables too.

These crops could be offered with the “Burnt Offering” or they could be offered separately.


The cooking instructions are mentioned in Leviticus 2

Dough could be offered from flour cooked in an oven, on a griddle,

Pan-fried or roasted, (baked) as bread.


All grain offerings were made with salt and oil.

No yeast (leaven) or honey was ever used.


The offerer (worshipper) had to offer an amount of frankincense too.

The offerer could bring uncooked grains, salt and oil with the offering.


The offering was brought to one of two priests, who then took it to the altar and threw a memorial portion in the fire, along with the frankincense.


The priest could eat the left over portion.

See the “First Fruits Offering”

Sword Drill Leviticus 2:14


The Fellowship Offering (Blood)

Sword Drill Leviticus 2:14


A ritual meal, called “The fellowship, or peace offering was shared with God, the priests, the offerer and other worshippers.


The offered brought a male or female, which was without defect as the offerer Could afford!



The priest kept the skin of the animal.
The offering was brought to the door of the Tabernacle.

The offerer placed his hand on the animals’ head, and the animal was accepted as atonement for the offerer. The animal was killed and the blood was poured around the edges of the Altar.


The animals fat and entrails were burned.

The priest and the worshipers ate the rest.


The sacrifice was designed to praise and give thanks to God.

The offering included unleavened cakes.

The memorial portion of the cakes was kept, but the remainder of the cakes and animal had to be eaten.


The Sacrifices, Holy Days and Festivals


The Sin Offering (Blood or Bloodless)

Sword Drill Leviticus 4: 1- 35 & 16: 24 – 30 & 8: 14 – 17 & 16: 3-22


This offering was intended to atone for unintentional sins and ritual faults against The Lord.

Sword Drill Leviticus 4: 1-2


Different people offered different sacrifices.

The High Priest offered a Bull



The blood was sprinkled from the finger of the High Priest, seven times upon the altar.

The fat was burned and the remainder of the bull as burnt outside the camp of Israel.

The leaders of the people offered a male goat



The blood was sprinkled once only, the remainder was poured around the altar, just like the Burnt Offering. Ordinary people offered female animals




If a person was very poor they could offer a Grain Offering!

The procedure for the Grain Offering was the same as the procedure for the Cereal Offering. There were many unintentional sins and some were simply ceremonial sins.

Lepers could offer these sacrifices too.          

Sword Drill Luke 6:12 - 14


On the “Day of Atonement” the blood was sprinkled on the “Mercy Seat” upon the “Ark of the Covenant”


The Trespass Offering (Blood &Bloodless)

Sword Drill Leviticus 5:14 – 6:7 & 7:1 - 6

This offering was like the “Sin Offering”, which was often included with it.

The “trespass Offering” was an offering of money and was for sins of ignorance, associated with fraud of property or money.

His sacrifice had to be equal the amount taken, plus one fifth.

This amount was offered to the priest, and the same amount to the property owner. He paid twice the amount he had taken, plus 40%.

Sword Drill Leviticus 6: 5 - 6


The Sacrifices, Holy Days and Festivals


Pigs were not to be offered or eaten at all, as they were regarded

By The Lord as “Unclean!”

Sword Drill Leviticus 11:7



The Lord disciplined the pig industry by the “Sea of Galilee

Sword Drill Mark 5:1-20


Human Sacrifice was not allowed or expected

Sword Drill Genesis 22 especially verse 12


Question Time

(Please fill in the blanks)

From our reading in Hebrews12: 1 – 12.

Why did Jesus Christ come in the “Flesh”?




Reading from Hebrews 6: 5 – 6. What were the Jews doing at this time?



Why was this practice Wrong?




How many times did Jesus Christ die for our sins?




Was the Once good enough to Pay the Price for the sins of the entire World?
Sword Drill 1 John 1:2



The Sacrifices, Holy Days and Festivals



Holy Days and Festivals

The Jewish Calendar



Month 1 – Nisan (Abib)             (Mid Mar - Mid Apr)
Month 2 – IYAR                         (Mid Apr – Mid May)
Month 3 – Sivan                       (Mid May – Mid Jun)
Month 4 – Tammuz                   (Mid Jun – Mid Jul)
Month 5 – Ab               (Mid Jul – Mid Aug)
Month 6 – Elul              (Mid Aug – Mid Sept)
Month 7 – Tishri (Ethanim)      (Mid Sept – Mid Oct)

Month 8 – Heshvan (Bul)                       (Mid Oct – Min Nov)
Month 9 – Kislev                                   (Mid Nov – Mid Dec)
Month 10 -       Tebet                           (Mid Dec – Mid Jan)
Month 11 – Shebat                   (Mid Jan – Mid Feb)
Month 12 – Adar                      (Mid Feb – Mid Mar)


The Sabbath


(Please fill in the blanks)

Which day of the week was the SABBATH and what happened that day?       



Sword Drill Exodus 16:23


Why did God rest on the seventh day of creation?

Sword Drill Genesis 2: 1-3


The Sabbath was the official day for worshiping and resting, in whom?




The Sacrifices, Holy Days and Festivals


Israel’s Great Annual Feasts




The Feast of ______________________

Sword Drill Exodus Exodus 12 & Leviticus 23:5


The Feast of ___________________________

Sword Drill Leviticus 23: 6 – 8


The Feast of ______________ (Pentecost)

Sword Drill Exodus 34:22& Leviticus 23: 15 – 21


The Feast of _______________(Booths)

Sword Drill Leviticus 29:12-40


The Day of_______________________(Yom Kippur)

Sword Drill Exodus 30:10 & Leviticus 23:26 – 32 & Numbers 29: 7 – 11


On this day what did the people do?   



Sword Drill Leviticus 23:32

Why do you think these feasts were called “Pilgrim Feasts 



Sword Drill Deuteronomy 11:16


A Command from God - for You!


“Let us keep the festival, not with the old yeast, the yeast of malice and wickedness, but with the bread of sincerity and truth”

Sword Drill 1 Corinthians 5:8


A Promise from God - for You!


“ You are a chosen people, a Royal Priesthood, a holy nation, a people belonging to God, that you may declare the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His wonderful light”

Sword Drill 1 Peter 2:9


Try and see if one of the children will pray today or have them each give thanks for something related to the lesson and finish of with prayer yourself.

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