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Keith's Testimony

Dear All, 

I was thirteen when I believed in Jesus Christ, and took Him as my Saviour. I was eighteen years old when I learnt that the most important issue in my life was the Word of God. I was twenty when I became serious about learning the Word of God. I realised how important the Word of God was for doing God’s Will. I had made myself a lot of trouble, so much so that I couldn’t live at peace in my mind. During my troubles I played a tape with bible truth being taught, then I truly knew and was encouraged that

God had a plan for my life. 

I decided to order more bible teaching tapes, listen, learn and use what I was learning. I decided that God’s plan was more important than anything or anyone else.

 That was nearly thirty years ago, and I have kept to the plan mostly. There was suffering, disillusionment and difficult days, times of sadness. As I look back and reflect on my past, I have seen The Lords plan work so incredibly in every situation. At times God has left me astonished by His answers to prayer, and thoroughly encouraged me. I have felt completely graced out by a God who cares. He never gives us situations that we are unable to live with.

He’s careful and truly very, very faithful to us all.

 I could say much in this regard, but I would just encourage anyone to learn and use The Word of God in their life, with the assistance, training and help of your mentor The Holy Spirit. I would encourage you to pray to God our Father, and trust His Word. Be patient and HE WILL ANSWER you, lead and guide you in way’s unimaginable.

 “To Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask and imagine, according to the power that is working within us (for us)” Ephesians 3:20

 As I look back, I will say to anyone that The Word of God is true, reliable and works in our life. I would encourage anyone to persevere in the plan of God.


Regards Keith