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The Transportation of the Tabernacle


Wherever the Ark of the Covenant was transported, it was carried by the priests with the poles on their shoulders, and was not to be transported in carts.


The tabernacle was packed into carts for transportation. The Kohathites were not given carts or oxen, as they carried the Holy furniture.


The Kohathites


The Kohathites were given the task of carrying the Holy furniture, after the priests dismantled and packed the items of furniture.


The Veil that led into the Holy of Holies covered the Ark. The priests hitched the curtain down so as not to see it, and die.


The badger skins, and then a blue cloth then covered the ark so it could not be seen and would be waterproof.


A Blue cloth covered the Ark to identify that the Lord was with them. The items were moved after they were covered under the supervision of the priest. If the Kohathites looked at or touched the sacred furniture they died.


The Gershonites

The Gershonites disassembled the Tabernacle objects. They disassembled the curtains and coverings from the roof of the Holy Place, together with the hangings of the outer linen fence. This was done under the supervision of Aaron’s son Ithamar, a priest.


The Gershonites were given two carts and four oxen for transportation of the tabernacle.


The Meranites


The Meranites disassembled the frames of the Tabernacle, with its boards and bars. Then they removed all the posts, pegs and cords.

The Meranites were given four carts and eight oxen for transportation of the tabernacle.

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