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The Frames (Walls) of the Tabernacle


The outer white linen fence of the Tabernacle was made up of 6 Curtains, which were all joined together to make one solid white wall. This curtain was hung upon the following parts.


60 Posts overlaid with Bronze

60 Bronze bases (sockets)

120 Bronze pegs

60 Silver Caps

60 Silver Bands and Hooks

(The bands were lengths of silver, which hung between the posts)


20 Posts on the North and South sides

10 Post on the East and West Sides


The Tabernacle was erected on 96 silver bases (sockets) and 48 frames.

20 on the Northern and Southern Sides and 8 on the Western Side



1 talent (25 kg) of silver was used per interlocked base. The walls were not solid walls but frames, Overlaid with gold. The angels were emblazoned on the first curtain covering and could see through the frames.