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The feasts


1.        The feast of Passover speaks of God works Salvation.

2.       The feast of Unleavened Bread speaks of God providing Fellowship with Him.

3.       The feast of First fruits speaks of Resurrection.

4.       The feast of Pentecost speaks of the coming of the Holy Spirit.

5.       The feast of Trumpets speaks of the regathering of Israel.

6.       The feast of Atonement speaks of building of Israel, with Israel’s beginning with Israel’s grief and fasting.

7.       The feast of Tabernacles speaks of the millennial reign of Jesus Christ.


The Three Annual Major Jewish Festivals


1.        Feast of Unleavened Bread

2.       Harvest (First fruits)

3.       Ingathering


Exodus 23:14-19


1.        Celebrate these festivals three times a year.

2.       All Men to appear before The Sovereign Lord three times, annually.

3.       No one is to appear before me empty handed.

4.       Do not offer blood of a sacrifice with anything containing yeast.

5.       The fat of my festival offerings must not be kept until morning.

6.       Bring the best of your first fruits to the house of your God.

7.       Do not cook a young goat in its mother’s milk.

  1. No one is to appear empty handed; each is to bring a gift in accordance with how the Lord has blessed you.

Month 1

Nisan (Abib)

Mid Mar – Mid Apr

Month 2


Mid Apr – Mid May

Month 3


Mid May – Mid June

Month 4


Mid Jun – Mid Jul

Month 5


Mid Jul – Mid Aug

Month 6


Mid Aug – Mid Sept

Month 7

Tishri (Ethanim)

Mid Sept - Mid Oct

Month 8

Heshvan (Bul)

Mid Oct – Mid Nov

Month 9


Mid Nov – Mid Dec

Month 10


Mid Dec – Mid Jan

Month 11


Mid Jan – Mid Feb

Month 12


Mid Feb – Mid Mar

The Jewish Holy Days and Feasts