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Feast of Ingathering \ Tabernacles 
-Booths or Ingathering)


Month –Tishri

Days 15-21       


Deuteronomy 16:13-17


1:          Celebrate the feast of tabernacle for seven days, after the harvest

is gathered in.

2:         Rejoice before the Lord at a place of His choosing, you and you sons, your daughters, the Levites, you men and maidservants, the foreigners, fatherless and widows among you.

3:         All your men are to appear before me.

4:         The feast carries over into the eighth day, which was a

day of rest from work


Israel is to love in booths\shelters during this feast.

Nehimiah 8:13-18


1:          Go into the hill country and bring back olive trees and wild olive trees, myrtles, palms and shade tree to make booths (shelters)

2:         Constructs booths (shelters) on the roof of your houses, in your courtyards and in the courts of the house of God and in a square by the water gate and the gate by of Ephraim.

3:         Ezra read the law from the beginning to the end during this feast.


Numbers 29:12-34

70 bullocks were sacrificed as burnt offerings.

2 rams and 14 lambs were offered daily for burnt offerings.

1 male goat was for the daily sin offering.


This feast remembers Israel’s wandering in the dessert


Gospel reference to the feast:

John7: 2