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Lesson 4: The Person of Man

Mankind is persons, just as God is persons. He created us in His own likeness (a shadow image of what God is like), but not exactly the same as God. God created mankind, but not as mini Gods.

Remember: God is INFINITE - Man is finite and dependant upon Him.

He created mankind in both male and female roles; as such we are all answerable to God for our lives, our decisions and for our actions.

We have already seen the persons of God and what God is like in the previous lesson. Let’s look closer at ourselves and how He created us.

Remember: No one ever made God. He has always existed!
Our original parents were called Adam and Eve.
The Lord Jesus Christ created them both.
When God made Adam out of the dust of the ground, God breathed into Adam the breath of life,
and then Adam became a living being.
Sword Drill - Genesis 2:7

Adam was created first. God gave to him the big job of naming all the animals, which God had already Created and brought to him to name. God placed Adam into a beautiful garden called “The Garden of Eden”. Every day, The Lord God came to the garden. God walked, talked and taught Adam so much about Himself.

He loved Him and He provided all things for Him, which he needed.

In the garden there were four kinds of trees.
 1: Trees for beauty, and trees for food

Sword Drill         Genesis 2:8-9
 2: The Tree of Life
Adam could eat the fruit from the “Tree of Life” and keep living!
 3: The Tree of the knowledge of good and evil 

God commanded Adam “NOT TO EAT” from the tree of the “Knowledge of good and evil” or he would certainly die. His relationship and companionship with God would die and be lost forever if he ate from this tree. He also would eventually die in his body too. God was testing Adam with this tree to see if He really would obey Him, and want a relationship with Him, above everything else!
Sword Drill - Genesis 2:15-17

After a short while, and after seeing that all the animals had female partners, Adam realised there was no partner for him and he began to feel very, very lonely. God saw Adams loneliness and set about solving Adams problem. He put Adam to sleep, and took one of Adams ribs and made his wife Eve out of one of Adams own ribs.
Sword Drill       - Genesis 2:20-23

Remember- God solved Adams problem
The Person of Man
Adam now had a wife, a helper and a companion.


Now he wasn’t lonely any more. He told his wife which fruit she could eat and which fruit God had forbidden. Adam and Eve came from Gods Hands


He made them both different in many ways. He made them in the following manner with a
Human Body        Human Soul            Human Spirit 

They both lived in the ________________________________
(Fill in the blanks)

God created Adam and Eve each with the same characteristics.

1: Self-Consciousness - Aware of themselves!      
2: Mentality with a mind -        To think! 
3:         Conscience  - A measurer of Right & Wrong!  

4:         Decider from which to make choices!     

5:         Emotion to respond to God first, and then to each other!        

Every day Jesus Christ came and taught them. He walked and talked with them and He loved them so much.
One day The Lord allowed the Devil (Satan)  to come to the garden to test them.
Satan came to test their obedience to God.

The Devil came to see what choice they would make, and to see if God would still be  and +R and +J towards them, if they chose wrongly when tempted! Satan sowed just one thought of doubt! Satan came and made His home in a beautiful animal and talked to the woman through the beautiful animal called the “Serpent”. We have no idea what the animal looked like. He questioned Eve about the forbidden fruit, and Eve allowed herself to doubt and disbelieve Gods Word. Satan told Eve lies and she believed him.
Sword Drill Genesis 3:1–6  

The Person of Man

 The Wrong Choice and the Fall of Mankind
Eve was tricked by lies into taking the fruit. She listened to a stranger and believed His lies. She decided to disobey God and so she picked, took, and ate the forbidden fruit.
We don’t know what the fruit was. She could get something now, which God had not perfectly provided for her.  She could know and have something she didn’t know or have before! This appealed to her. Wow! She must have thought. I can be as smart as God!

     Good and evil was the knowledge she did not need to know!
 Why did Eve not need this knowledge?__________ ____________ 

Eve then persuaded Adam to do the same and eat the fruit. He chose for his companionship with Eve instead of God, feeling the fear of loneliness. He ate the fruit out of Eve’s own hand.

    Adam could have said No - but!    
 After Adam ate the fruit, they both became sinful before God, and were spiritually dead in their relation ship with Him. They changed just as in the pictures below! They now had a
 Human Body  Human Soul Dead Human Spirit


FROM perfect before God     -NOW-   Sinners and Dead before God

 They had produced in themselves a SINFUL NATURE . UGHH!

(( <0>  <O> ))
o o
Sword Drill: Genesis 3:1- 7 

The Person of Man

 Question Time? 

 In what condition did God make Adam and Eve?
 What was the garden called where He placed them?
What did God provide for them in the garden?
Were they happy in the Garden?
 Why did Eve sin?
 Why did Adam sin?
What was the result?  

Let’s carry on with the lesson and see what God’s Justice did!

 To eat the fruit was a very big mistake as they disobeyed God, They failed God and each other. They realised that they were naked before God, and each other.  Adam was in charge in the garden and God made Adam responsible. He was the leader on the Earth and in their marriage. Now they had failed, they had learned to sin and disobey God. 

The Lord God (Jesus Christ) came down to have fellowship that day as He usually did. He did not find them as they were hiding because of their nakedness and shame. They hid and could not come into Gods Company because of their fear, nakedness, sin and shame. They had made for themselves a covering out of Fig leaves to cover their nakedness. 

God called out to Adam, “Where are you?”
Adam had to front up to The Lord, to explain his actions.
Sword Drill: Genesis 3:8-13

The Person of Man

Adam and Eve were both afraid of God. Adam blamed God and the woman for his sin and Eve blamed the serpent for her failure. Adam said, “The woman you put here with me – she gave me the fruit and I ate it”,

It’s yours and her fault God

 When God asked Eve what she had done.
 Eve said, “The serpent deceived me and I ate”
      It’s the serpents fault God.

Do we ever feel the same way when we have been found out! When we have done something that we should not have done? I do!

God now pronounces the curse upon them all. 


 Gods Cursing, Sentence and Punishment
 Sword Drill: Genesis 3:13 – 24

 The Serpent – The beautiful Serpent becomes a snake and must now crawl on its belly. No legs anymore!  The Serpent is now changed!


Adam – Adam now had to grow their own food and the ground produced many weeds, thorns and thistles, it was very hard work. 



Eve – Eve now began having babies, with lots of trouble, grief and pain.

Sword Drill: Genesis 3:20

The Person of Man

The Earth - God now curses the earth.

The ground now produces thorns, weeds and thistles. 

The animals become very ferocious too! 

From   Calm       To Ferocious     Spot the Lamb?


 Mankind is now a prisoner of sin and He is going to die twice.

 Death 1: Physical Death

Death 2: Death to God in his relationship with Him. Sentenced to death forever without God but with Satan (The Devil) in the “Eternal Lake of Fire”



Sword Drill: Revelation 20:10-15 - Matthew 25:41

Adam and Eve now became forever dead to God (even while they were still living), because they had disobeyed His command.  This displeased God!

God now has to judge and punish them for their act of unrighteous and disobedience before Him. Now Mankind is out of sorts with God and has a great problem!

Gods Great Solution 

God announces His solution, in that He is going to provide a way to overcome their sin and awful situation. He promises The Saviour
Sword Drill: Genesis 3:15

God now offers them coats of skin and they accept, and they put them on, to cover there nakedness. Gods solutions are always the best! The Lord God drives Adam and Eve from the “Garden of Eden” and places Cherubim Angels, with sharp swords at the entrance, to guard the way to “The Tree of Life”. They must not be allowed to eat the fruit and live forever in sin!


The Person of Man

 God now sets about providing the greater solution for all mankind. He wants mankind to still have that perfect relationship and fellowship with Himself as he had before Adam sinned.

 The Promise from God to You!
In Him (J_______) we have redemption, the forgiveness of _______.
Sword Drill: Colossians 1:13-14
How Do We Now Sin?
Now we are all born with an Old Sin Nature through Adam. This Nature to sin is passed down to us from our Dad and is in our genes. It’s not our dads fault; it is just a consequence of Adams sin. Now we can come under Gods solution, mercy and grace in Jesus Christ, if we wish too!
Sword Drill: Psalm 55:1


We are all born Dead to God and as a result we are all condemned the moment we are born. 

Because of these things we do many wrong and bad things. Try and name some of the things we do that are sinful, wrong and bad things. I have put a few pictures below to help you out with sinfulness.


Adults sin too!


 The Person of Man  

Sometimes we try very hard not to do wrong things, but sometimes we just can’t help ourselves, we give in and keep doing wrong things. It all seems quite hopeless. It’s not hopeless to God though. Nothing is!

We will read more about God’ solution in later lessons 

Promise from God to You

“I will forgive your wickedness and remember your sins no more”
Jeremiah 31:34


Prayer              Dear Heavenly Father

I know I was born sinful and do many things wrong. I am condemned in your eyes to an eternity without You. Thank You that Your Son Jesus Christ has solved my problem on the cross. I thank you that He was punished by you instead of me. Thank you that if I believe in His great sacrifice for me on the cross, then all of my sins are blotted out and will never be remembered by You ever again. Thank You I will be able to live for all eternity with you in heaven when I die. I thank You in the Name of The Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!

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