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Lesson 3 - The Person of Satan, The Devil’s History and Future

 To understand Satan, we must understand God and His Work in the beginning of creation.
Sword Drill: Genesis 1:1-3
 We have seen so far that Jesus Christ created everything according to plan of God The Father
and He created it in Light.
Sword Drill 1 John 1:2

(Fill in the blanks)

God is _______ and in Him darkness DOES NOT exist.
Sword Drill 1 John 1:5

For God is _______a God of ____________ but of Peace.
Sword Drill: 1 Corinthians 14:33

 “I looked at the earth, and it was formless and empty and at the heavens and their _________was gone”

Sword Drill Jeremiah 4:23

 In Genesis 1:1: We read about the very act of Jesus Christ, creating everything, according to His Fathers design and plan. He created everything perfectly and in perfect working order. This is the only way that He creates anything!
In Genesis 1:2: We read that the earth was (became) empty (chaos) and the earth was covered in deep waters, just as in Noah’s days, after the great flood. God flooded the earth in Noah’s day as a sign of judgement, just like He covered the earth in judgement in Genesis 1:2

In Genesis 1:3-31: We read about God performing a creation of restoration to the earth. He restored order out of chaos and created mankind. He Created everything else on the earth for mans provision and pleasure. God created all things for His own, Name, Pleasure, Glorification and Praise.


 The Person of Satan, the Devils History and Future
hat went wrong?
Why did Light become Darkness?



             From Light                                                To Darkness


When God originally created everything, He created the universe for the Angels. There are different roles among the Angels recorded in Gods Word, The Bible. God created millions, if not billions of these Angels, just like He created and breathed out many, many galaxies, with billions of stars. He knows the stars and the angels, each by name!

He also knows your very own name too!
 Among the Angels, God created order and authority and gave the angels each a Role to perform; just as in the God Head, (Trinity) who have roles to fulfil. None of the members of The Godhead worked independently of each other, and they served each other in Love and always in perfect harmony, and unity.

 He made some Angels with no wings and some with two wings?
Sword Drill Luke 2:13-14
 He made Angels with four wings, which are called “Cherubim”
Sword Drill: 2 Samuel 6:2 & Ezekiel 1:4-14
He made Angels with six wings, which are called “Seraphim”
Sword Drill: Isaiah 6:2
 Gods Angels were Created and designed to Worship only Him.
Sword Drill: Hebrews 1:6

 All the angels sang together and shouted for joy at the original creation.

Sword Drill: Job 38:7

Fill in the blanks
“Let all Gods Angels _____________ Him”
Sword Drill: Hebrews 1: 6

 He made Satan as a Guardian Cherubs of His “Throne Room”
Sword Drill: Ezekiel 28:14



 The Person of Satan, the Devil History and Future

God rules and receives all Praise, Glory and the Honour, which is due His Name from all the Angels, in His throne room.

One day after seeing all the Glory and praise that God was receiving Satan became so jealous and proud that God was getting all the Glory and Honour, that he decided, he wanted this all for himself. He devised a plan to rebel and depose God, and then set himself up as “The Most High God.”
Sword Drill: Ezekiel 28:2

Just as Psalm 22 describes King David. Psalm 22 is also referring to “Jesus Christ”, and His treatment by the Jews, when He would eventually come to the earth. This Psalm is called a prophetic and a Messianic Psalm. I believe the same is true in the passage in Ezekiel 28. Here the scriptures are prophesying against the “King of Tyre”, while at the same time referring to Satan’s fall. The words used in this passage teach us this.

 Activity: Read Ezekiel 28: 12- 19 from the NIV Bible, and then continue with the lesson.
 Let’s take a closer look and this once beautiful Angel, Satan!

(Fill in the blanks)

Satan was created from God and was perfect in B______________
 Satan was created with Perfect  Wi_________________

 He was adorned with very precious S__________________

 Where did Satan Live? ___________________________________

 What was he originally named?______________________________

 What was his condition before God? _________________________

 What did Satan become filled with?   Vi______________________

 What sin did Satan commit?   Pr________________

What does God do with all Sin?  Co______ &  Ju______

 Where was Satan Driven from? ______________________________

 What will be his end? _____________________________________

 Sword Drill: Matthew 25:41

The Person of Satan, the Devil History and Future

One third of the Angels were deceived and were persuaded into joining Satan in his arrogance, his big sulk and revolt. They the fallen angels face the same eternal fiery future and With NO Escape!
Stars often refer to angels in the bible, as they do here.
Sword Drill: Revelation 12:4

(Fill in the blanks)
What was prepared for the Devil and His Angels?


Was the lake of fire prepared for you?________________!

How can you escape from spending forever in “The Lake of Fire with Satan?

Sword Drill: John 3:16

 God loved who, so much? ____________________
Who did God send? _____________________
What do you have to do to be SAVED? _______________________
Why must you B____________?
I must believe because __________

The answer; Sword Drill: 1 Peter 2:24

 “The Lord is patient with you not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance” (A change of mind”)
Sword Drill: 2 Peter 3:9

He was punished for all. He will forgive all, no mater what you have done. No matter how big you think your sins are. His forgiveness is Bigger than our sins!

The Good News is that He Paid the TOTAL Cost!  Come Free, Come All!



The Person of Satan, the Devil History and Future

 This is how the  describes Satan.

 Satan or the fallen (Bad) angels often comes to the “Throne Room of God”, to tell tales about “Believers”, and to accuse them when they do anything wrong. They are always watching us and report our failures to Gods in the court of Heaven.
Sword Drill: Job 1:6 & Revelation 12:10

 When Satan tittle tattles to God, Jesus Christ stands and acts as our Defence Lawyer.
Jesus Christ throws the accusation out of court.
Sword Drill: 1 John 2:1-2

The sin then becomes a family matter, between you and God.
Sword Drill: Hebrews 12:7 – 11

The Work of Satan

(Fill in the blanks)

Satan “_________ believers”
Sword Drill: Job 1: 8-9

“Masquerades (Masks Himself) as an angel of L________”
Sword Drill: 2 Corinthians 11:15

 Satan is the “____________”
Sword Drill: Genesis 3: 1 – 5 

Satan is “A liar and the Father of ________”
Sword Drill: John 8:44

Satan is “A _____________ from the Beginning”
Sword Drill: John 8:44 

Promise and command from God - To You!

“God loved the world (you) so much that He gave His only Son, that whoever believes in Him (Jesus Christ) shall not perish but have everlasting life. John 3:16 

Will you believe in Him now?
You know you can at any time!
Why delay?

Prayer  :Dear Heavenly Father

 “Thankyou that You sent Your only Son to take the punishment for my sins on the cross. Thank you that He was punished instead of me. Thankyou that all I have to do to receive your Eternal Life is to believe that He died for all my sins”, “ I am now believing in Jesus Christ and am receiving Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour”   I thank You in the Name of The Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!


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