Lesson 2 - The Person of The Lord Jesus Christ

Who is Jesus Christ?

In lesson one, we learnt about the persons of the Godhead. We learnt that God is one;
and three in persons. This is just as in the calculation below.

The Godhead Calculation
1 X 1 X 1=1
God is three in ONE

Sword Drill:  Hebrews 13:8

 In this lesson we will learn more about God, and about the second person of the Godhead

Key Word - Mediator
The Character and Nature of Jesus Christ
Review of the character of God (from lesson one)

  • God is Spirit Sword Drill: John 4:24
  • God is Absolute Sword Drill: Isaiah 46:10    
    God is Infinite
    Sword Drill: Isaiah 40:28
  • God is Unity Sword Drill: 2 Corinthians 13:14
  • God is Light Sword Drill: 1 John 1:5
  • God is Sovereign over All Sword Drill: Jude 24
  • God is Righteous (Perfect) Sword Drill: Psalm 11:7
  • God is Just Sword Drill: Deuteronomy 32:4
  • God is Love Sword Drill: 1 John 4:8
  • God is Life Sword Drill: John 1:4
  • God is Omniscient (All knowing) Sword Drill: Jeremiah 29:11
  • God is Omnipresent (Everywhere At Once) Sword Drill: Acts 17:27
  • God is Omnipotent (All Powerful) Sword Drill: Isaiah 44:24
  • God is Immutable (Unchangeable) Sword Drill: Psalm 33:11
  • Veracity (All Truthful) Sword Drill: John 14:6
  • God is All Wealth Sword Drill: Psalm 112:3

 Jesus Christ is Equally God just as the Father and The Holy Spirit.
They are the same as in the list above.
The Big Three (The Godhead) always!

1: Speaking to each other.
2: Working together in Unity (harmony) with each other.
3: Knowing what each other is thinking, and what they are doing.(God never makes mistakes)
4: Loved each other in the past, present and will still do in future. There was never a time when they were not!

What characteristic is this, from the list above?

The Person of The Lord Jesus Christ

 Jesus Christ is known by many other names in the “Old Testament”.
Some of these names are below.

Jesus Christ is called “God”

Sword Drill:  Genesis 1:3

Jesus Christ is called The “Creator”
Sword Drill:  Genesis1:1 & Genesis 2:4

Jesus Christ is called “Lord”
Sword Drill:  Isaiah 12:2 

Jesus Christ is called “Lord God Almighty”
Sword Drill:  Psalm 89:8

Jesus Christ is called “The Angel of The Lord”
Sword Drill:  Numbers 22:23

Questions and Answers (Fill in the blank spaces below)

 What are some of the characteristics of Jesus Christ, and how does He work with the other two persons of Godhead
 Example: Jesus Christ is Love and He always loves the other persons of the Godhead.
Let’s see what big words you can remember?

(Fill in the blanks spaces, using the list of What God is like to help you)

Jesus Christ is ___________ and always speaks and acts truthfully with each person of The Godhead (Trinity). Jesus Christ is __________ and always loves each person of The Godhead Jesus Christ is ___________ and will always act perfectly. Jesus Christ is ___________ and will always be faithful to each person of The Godhead.  Before anything was created, in forever past. Jesus Christ volunteered to take on the role to be the Creator and Saviour of all mankind. They already knew from Their Omnis___________ all that would take place in the history of mankind. They knew how mankind would fail in making their own wrong choices, in spite of Gods command to them. God knew they would need someone to rescue them. God The Son volunteered to do this job Himself and provided the perfect solution for our sin, and deadness to God.
To accomplish this He had to become a man like us, so that He could pay the penalty for our sins and be punished instead of us.
He had to become our Mediator. He had to become our go-between for our sins.
We are born God’s enemy and He had to act on our behalf so we could be His friends.

He had to be born a MAN to be our sin bearer, and still be perfectly God too.

A Mediator is the one who stands between two waring parties to make peace between them both. Jesus Christ had to become our go-between to sew us together again with God.

Sword Drill: 1 Timothy 2:5-6 

The Person of The Lord Jesus Christ

 Jesus Christ becomes a man while at the same time, still being completely God.

This is very special and a ONE OF A KIND person.
No one has been born in this way ever before!
How is this possible? You may ask.

The answer is shown in the Bible – Gods Word!!

God sent His only Son Jesus Christ to rescue us. He came as a baby, and was born in a humble animal feeding trough called a manger. He was born to a lady named Mary. He had no human dad, as God was His Father. Mary still had a husband, but they didn’t get married until after Jesus was born.

Sword Drill:  Isaiah 9:6

God’s only Son, who is named Jesus Christ, became Gods greatest gift, for you and me.
He was the only baby born to die! He was born as the God Man!
qual character with God; and equal character with man. Two Natures in One Person forever


In His Divine Nature He was holding the universe together.
In His human Nature, He was going to pave our way back to God again.
None of His\his natures ever blended together, or were ever mixed together.
He knew how to operate from both His Natures PERFECTLY.

 Sword Drill:  Philippians 2:6-8
The Person of The Lord Jesus Christ

 Prophesies about Jesus Christ

Can anyone tell me what a prophecy is, and who made prophecies?

A prophecy is when an event about a person in the future is foretold and what is actually said comes perfectly true, on time and exactly how they said it would happen. 

Key Word: Messiah – Anointed and Appointed Saviour


Did you know there are at least 45 prophecies about Jesus Christ - The Messiah, in the Old Testament, all about His birth, Life rejection and His death? Here are a few of them to think about! 

Jesus Christ Coming into the World
Prophecy Genesis 3:15Came true Galatians 4:4

The Place of His Birth
Prophecy Micah 5:2Came true Luke 2:4 - 7 

The Time of His Birth
Prophecy Daniel 9:25 Came true Luke 2:1 - 2

His Birth to a Virgin
Prophecy Isaiah 7:14 Came true Luke 1:26 - 27
Betrayed by a Close Friend
Prophecy Psalm 55:12-14Came true Luke 22 47 - 48

 Crucified on a Cross
Prophecy Isaiah 53:12 - Came true Mark 15:27-28 

Buried with the Rich
Prophecy Isaiah 53:9 - Came true Matthew 27:57-60 

Resurrected from the Dead
Prophecy Psalm 49:15 - Came true Mark 16:6-7

 If you wish too, you can look all these passages in your bible later?

Now Jesus had arrived as God had promised in Genesis 3.
He had to grow up into an adult and remain perfect, without sinning at all.  Only then could He be a “qualified” sin bearer for you and me and satisfy His Father commands for His life.

Sword Drill: John 15:13-15

He always had to obey His Mum and His human Dad along with His Heavenly Father too.

Sword Drill: Luke 2:41-52

The Person of The Lord Jesus Christ

Fill in the blank spaces

Jesus said, when He was asked to eat some food by His disciples. “My food is to do the______ of Him who sent Me and to Finish His __________Work”  
Sword Drill: John 4:34

 “Who being in ___________ God, did not consider equality with God something to be grasped but ________ Himself nothing (of no reputation), taking the very nature of a ___________, being made in human likeness, and being found in appearance as a man, He ___________ Himself and became obedient to death, even the death on a ________.

Sword Drill: Philippians 2: 6 – 8


Promise from God to you:

“My God will meet (supply) all your needs, according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus”.
Sword Drill: Philippians 4:19

Command from God to you:

“Do nothing out of selfish ambition (getting ahead yourself), but in all humility consider others of better (more importance) than yourself. Each of you should lot only to your own interest, but also the interest of others” Philippians 2:3 - 4



Dear Heavenly Father:  Thankyou that your Son Jesus Christ volunteered to come to this earth, to be the one who was punished, instead of me upon the cross at Calvary. Thankyou that You brought Him back from the dead and He is now lives with you in heaven. Thank you that He is going to come back for me and take me to be with you one day soon. Help me through your Holy Spirit and your promises to think and decide for the good of others just as Jesus Christ did. Then I too can be like Him in all I think, say and do. Then they might like to come to know Jesus too. I ask these things and thankyou in the precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.         Amen!


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